Barn Deconstruction

Do you have an old barn or structure you’d like removed? A structure that is too unsafe for use? There are many advantages of removing old barns, granaries, sheds and other old buildings from your property such as: 

1) to reduce or lower property taxes

2) limit liability to family and visitors

3) reduce property/casualty insurance?

Last Chance Ranch LLC takes down barns for persons who need them removed. Contact us through this website is preferred at and we only reply to persons with full contact information including phone number and to save time we like to see interior and exterior photos of the all elevations of the building(s) and ask the owners to forward them with the emails.

Last Chance Ranch LLC takes down the old buildings and other structures that you want removed or that are a hazard for the property. Our crew is hand picked to put forth a team that is able to get in and get the job done. We do a complete cleanup of the buildings tore down leaving you with a clean site to work with.

We use manual and mechanical labor to bring down the buildings in the best and safest possible way.

If you would like we will push up the foundation for an extra cost. We pile the shingles and other non usable products into a pile that are from the building. If you bring in a dumpster we will do a thorough clean up.